11 APRIL 1992, Page 10

One hundred years ago

Current literature

Women and their Work. By Veva Kars- land. (Sampson Low, Marston, and Co.) — Miss Karsland gives us, arranged in alphabetical order, between fifty and sixty chapters on various kinds of work with which women may employ them- selves. Very practical and useful they appear to be, and the choice is by no means small. Some are, indeed, a little out of the way; the "manicurist's," for instance, is not a profession which it would be a good speculation to take up; and some which it would be invidious to name could hardly be recommended. But in such vocations as "dress-mak- ing," "type-writing," "wood-carving," etc., there is plenty of eligible employ- ment to be found. (As to type-writing, why does Miss Karsland commit herself to the rash statement that "clergymen generally write unintelligibly, even to themselves"?) We are glad to find our author not delusively hopeful about "authoresses."

The Spectator 11 April 1892