11 APRIL 1998, Page 55

High life

Telling the truth


New York Reggie White is one big, black, mean motherf—, as they say in the business. Reg- gie's business is hitting people, knocking them down and making sure they stay down. He is one great footballer, a defen- sive tackle for the Green Bay Packers. Despite his ferocious nature on the field, Reggie is a very nice man, an ordained minister who teaches brotherly love, not racial hatred a la race hustlers like Al Sharpton and professional Wall Street extortionists like Jesse Jackson.

Last week, however, Reggie committed the most sordid crime that anyone can commit in America. White was looking for- ward to his retirement from the violent world of pro football, having been offered a contract as commentator for CBS Sports. Needless to say, the offer was withdrawn quicker than you can say politically incor- rect. White did not beat up his coach to a bloody pulp, nor did he throw his wife out of the window; he did not even assault a cheerleader. (Three of the most recent offences perpetrated by black professional athletes — all three punished by a slap on the wrist and community service.) White's crime was to give a speech before the Wisconsin Assembly in which he condemned homosexuality as a sin; he also deplored Clinton's adultery and patent dis- honesty; and he criticised those of his countrymen who appear to be indifferent to the Draft Dodger's moral delinquencies. `What good is the economy if morality is not being taught to our children?' he asked. Thems are strong words — notable chiefly for their never having been uttered by America's purported religious leaders.

Then Reggie went on to announce his belief that every race has something unique to contribute. Whites have an aptitude for `building businesses'; blacks have a flair for `worship and religious celebration'; Asians are `inventive'; and so on. Needless to say, the roof fell in on poor Reggie. CBS, which fired Jimmy the Greek (actually a Jew called Snyder) for saying blacks have differ- ent musculature from whites, ergo they're slower swimmers, declared that it will not be hiring Reggie. The usual hacks went into their usual spasms venting ,their phoney outrage. Yet White is absolutely right. To a Christian, homosexuality, adul- tery and lying are sins that need to be con- demned. In Bill Clinton's America to condemn sin is the greatest sin of all. One must be `non-judgmental' towards everyone and everything except towards those whom are deemed to be 'judgmental'.

A perfect illustration of what religion has degenerated into came a few days after White's speech. There was the Draft Dodger and his left-wing conspirator peacefully receiving Holy Communion in Africa. Of course, the Bonnie and Clyde of politics had no business doing so, neither of them being Catholics or believers in transubstantiation. According to the Vati- can, an exception can be made only if a person is in a 'grave' situation — in danger of dying. Alas, both were in perfect health.

What I find surprising is that people like Cardinal O'Connor and Bishop Michael Sheridan are surprised. The mind reels from the blatant nature of the dishonesty that spews from the White House. The once proud presidency is committed to the deconstructionist idea that there is no such thing as the truth. Sidney Blumenthal rules rule. By availing himself of one of the Church's sacraments, the Great Liar surely thought he was helping to promote toler- ance, 'diversity' or multiculturalism. He is as ready to don a yarmulke, or undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca as he is ready to drop his pants. His mockery for what, for most people, including Reggie White, are the most fundamental matters of life and death appear to be rewarded. There will be no retribution, however. The Great Liar will probably lie his way straight through the pearly gates. Even the Almighty will be conned. But Sidney Blumenthal will surely rot in hell.