11 AUGUST 1832, Page 9


Lord Hutchinson has been appointed Lord Lieutenant of the county Tipperary, in the room of his late uncle, Earl Donoughmore.. Lady Briscoe was arrested on Sunday evening, true bills having been found against her for perjury in respect of her evidence on the trial Of Mary Quinan for the same offence.

Messrs. Sheehan and Brown, proprietors of the Comet newspaper, have been proceeded against for an account given in that paper of the Carrickshough trials.

True bills were found on Saturday by the Dublin Grand Jury against William Poole, Esq., of Ballyroan, John M'Grana, Esq., of Borgia- breena, 3 A. Curran and William Curran, Esqrs., of Dundrum, all of the county of Dublin; Marcus Costello, Esq., President of the Trades' Union, and Thomas Reynolds, Esq., Vice-President ; charged with having, at a meeting held at Bomabreena, endeavoured to excite in the King's subjects hostility to the law, and with having actually excited certain persons to resist payment of tithes and church-rates, and to con- spire together to render the operation of the law ineffectual, and with having further exerted themselves to prevail on those there assembled to refuse to hold intercourse with any persons, or perform any work for persons, who should pay tithes or church-rates. Mr. Justice Vande- kur, who. charged the Grand Jury, said be had not the slightest doubt that the crime charged was a high misdemeanour. The trials of the various traversers were to commence on Thursday ; with the exception of Mr. Costello, who will be allowed to traverse in prox. as he had not been in custody for twenty days before the present assize.

The Government are putting on a prodigious appearance of activity. Was it their magnanimous resolution to prosecute the newspapers, that called forth the compliments of the Duke of Wellington on Thursday ?

On Wednesday, at Alienist], near Mr. Purdon's of Tinerana, a party of revenue police, stationed at Killaloe, having made a seizure of a still-head, saw a boat push from the shore, in which were two men and two women, having with them the worm of a still. When the police party, consisting of live, came up, one of them, Hugh Brachen, ran towards the boat, calling on the people in it to surrender, or he would fire on them ; and when within four yards of the boat, he did ire, and lodged the contents of the musket in the body of a woman who was with the other persons in the boat going to the fair of Tyrone, Tipperary. The policeman absconded, but was taken in Go rt by three policemen sent by Mr. Purdon.—Limericle Chronicle.

On Saturday night last, a respectable man, named Patrick Gill, residing near Portadown, was shot (lead while sitting at his own fireside ! A ramrod of mm pistol was found under the window through which the shot had been fired.—Newry Examiner.

A quantity of corn and meadowing, belonging to William H. Hunt, Esq. J. P., one of the Protestant Jurors who was for acquitting John Ryan at the late Assizes was a few days ago cut and saved by a body of volunteer labourers.—Kilkenny Journal.