11 AUGUST 1832, Page 8


A meeting of Marylebone electors took place on Thursday night at the Burton Rooms, Burton Crescent ; when a committee was formed with a view to secure the return of Colonel Jones. On this occasion, Colonel Jones entered into a vindication of his character from some idle aspersions that have been cast upon it. The amount of the whole may be stated in a very few words. At Brussels, he had a soldier flogged, for stealing the bedding of the wounded in the hospital ;—he ought to have had him hanged. At Tamwortb, when embarking an almost mutinous detachment of soldiers, he struck a boatman who was advising them not to obey orders, and by accident slightly wounded him. He inserted in the order-book of the regiment a strong rebuke of the eating and drinking officers, by whose attention to their own comforts and neglect of their men, the mutiny had been all but excited: for this deserved rebuke, which the late Duke of York directed to. be torn out of the order-book, Colonel Jones was compelled to sell his-commission. It would seem, a priori, incredible, how any man, from mere partyino- tives could be so base as to fabricate out of such acts, all of which were highly just and honourable, a serious *charge against as Upright and in- dependent a gentleman as any in England. The Hull Packet of last week says; that up to the period of its pub- lication, not more than 100 freeholds had been registered for the whole -

of the EastRiding. _ . . Colonel Evans stated on Thursday, that in Manchester 758, in Blackburn 78, in Ashton 75, in Bolton 84, in Bury 42, in Oldham 40, in Salford 40, in Warrington 38, and in Rochdale 40 persons only were registered.

In St. Andrew's Holborn, and St. George the Martyr, out of 2,653 rate-payers, only 1,449 are registered ; in St. Margaret's, of 2,108, only 818- in St. Clement's Danes, of 1,786, only 641; in St. Mary-le- Strand, of 202, only 103 are registered. St. Mary's, Lambeth, appears to have been the most active ; of 9,355 rated. 6,787 have paid their rates. The number that have paid their taxes IS not reported.

At Paisley, only 250 schedules have hitherto been taken out, and nct half of them returned.

The registered votes of Edinburgh do not, it is said, amount to 1,000.

A public meeting was held at Clithero on Saturday last, on the sub- ject of the late riot ; William Hartley, Esq., in the chair. Mr. Trapper, one of the speakers, said he left the street perfectly quiet about six o'clock ; and in a few minutes after, the dragoons came galloping in, cutting and slashing every one they met. There was not one constable sworn in. Mr. Garnett, another gentleman who addressed the II-meth g attributed the whole of the disturbance of the morning to the manner ix which Mr. Irving's friends forced their way through the crowd. Mr. .Garstang, the Bailiff, was not consulted until the troops were in the town. A representation to Lord Melbourne was agreed to, setting :forth these facts.

Mr. Irving left behind him, on quitting the town of Clithero, a hand- bill, in which he replies to certain objections of his opponents. It ap- pears from his answers, that Mr. Irving voted for committing Mr. Can- ning's Catholic Bill, and this was the only vote he ever gave on the subject. To the question, did he ever vote for the freedom of the country, he demurs as too extensive ; he voted uniformly against the Reform Bill. Mr. Irving pledges himself to pay another visit to Chiller°, but does not say how he is to be escorted.

It is said that when the Marquis of Chandos visited Burnham lately,' the singers, though offered a sovereign, to a man refused to pull a roi.e for the purpose of welcoming him. On Tuesday, the son of Mr. J. Smith visited the town ; and the same men, without fee or reward, kept the bells ringing in merry peal during the whole time of his stay.

• On Thursday last week, Lords Ingestrie and Mahon harangued their friends from the windows of the Salisbury Arms, Hertford. Mr. T. Duncombe was accommodated with a window opposite, in order that he might hear their address. The proprietor of the house has received notice to quit, for this act of courtesy.

• The pledges in East Kent are represented to be—for Sir William Cosway, 1,800; Mr. Plumptre, 1,600; Sir Edward Knatchbull, 1,200. The electors of Cambridge were so highly pleased with the speech of Mr. Spring Rice on his introduction to them, that they have re- -quested him to print it.

- At Bolton, Colonel Torrens is said to have received 700 pledges of support. This does not tally with Colonel -Evans's statement'. A requisition has been signed by 90 persons, culling on Mr. Eagle, the barrister, to come forward.

• The Carlisle Journal says, Mr. Attwood has not the slightest prospect of being returned for Whitehaven. The only question with the people of Blackburn is now said to be, who shall be 'Jr.. Bowring's colleague.

. Of the four candidates for the -Inverness Burghs, Mr. Stewart is said to command Fortrose and Nairn, Mr. C. Bruce Forres, and Inver- - ness is said to be divided between Colonel Baillie and Mr. Fraser.

.Lord Burghersh is canvassing Lyme Regis, on the strength of old family connexion with the borough.

Lord Charles Fox Russell, a soldier and Reformer, will offer him- • self for the county of Bedford. Mr. Crawley will not stand in oppo- sition to his Lordship.

Mr. Hunt and his son visited Winchester last week, on sonic sort of invitation which it seems the younger patriot had received to stand as a candidate for a seat in the next Parliament. The town has been already fully canvassed.

The friends of Mr. Walter are pursuing a steady canvass in Berks, and registering the electors to an extent that renders his return certain. Mr. Pusey is resting his hope of success upon the chance of the second votes of Mr. Palmer ; but that gentleman has given a pledge to several • of his supporters, that he will not form any coalition whatever. It' he should do so, even covertly, we trust that the Reformers will start a sterling man to oppose him. Mr. Throekmorton, it is said, is secure.