11 AUGUST 1838, Page 20

Amongst Serial publications, we may note-

!. The Tenth and last Volume of' Southey's Poetical Works ; containing "The Poet's Pilgrimage," "The Lay of the Laureate," and the far-famed "Vision of Judgment." The preface quotes some remarks from a pamphlet by a Mr. TILLBROOK on the last- named production, with the poet's private reply ; but they only relate to the versification.

2. The Fifth Volume of' Mr. MURRAY'S edition of the Decline and Fall ; the most striking subject being the invasion of Italy by ALARIC. The new notes are few, and not very important : there is an excellent map of Italy.

3. The Fourth Part of M'Cur.Locit's second edition of the Statistical Account of the British Empire ; which finishes the first volume of the original edition.