11 AUGUST 1866, Page 23

Messiah the Prince. By J. W. Bosanqnet, F.R.A.S. (Longmann.)— More

last words touching the seventy weeks, of the Book of Daniel.. Mr. Bosanquet has read Dr. Pusey's book, and Dr. Williams' book, and the books of a host of other commentators, and he does not quite agree with anybody. This interestingpuzzle is still open to the religions public- to spend OS many hours as they please over and thence derive whatever edification they suppose themselves to get, and such people could not do- better than provide themselves with the present volume, which con- tains all the other speculations and the author's guesses into the bar - gain. For ourselves we cannot in any way connect these investigations- with Christianity, and having no time to play either with them or at chess or any similar amusement, whenever we see in a book the- cabalistic signs, 7 + 62 -f-1, or I + 62 7 (on the different arrangement

of which figures a good deal depends), we fast ascertain whether the writer is qualified intellectually for his task, state the conclusion we- coma to—an affirmative one in the present instance,—cud then close the, volume, happy in the consciousness that we have discharged our critical duty.