11 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

Oxford is anxious to establish a Hall of poor scholats

only. The sub-committee appointed to consider the extension of the Univer- sity reports in favour of a Hall in which the fees shall be only 51/. a year, in which breakfast and dinner shall be in common, in which "reasonable extras" shall be supplied within the Hall itself, in which large parties shall be discouraged, and out of which any extravagant student shall be expelled. We fear that students at such a college would feel themselves and find themselves marked men, and spend as much out of Hall as everybody else. The tax is not in the fees, but the " extras." If the University really wishes to cheapen the education it gives—which we do not believe—the first step should be to obtain a law abolishing legal recovery for debts contracted by any collegian. The total extinction of " tick " Which would follow would reduce the expenses of a University course one-half, and not injure the tradesmen either, who are now compelled to make the thrifty pay for the extravagant.