11 AUGUST 1923, Page 22

The Winding Stair. By A. E. W. Mason. (Hodder and

Stoughton. 7s. (kl. net.)

Mr. A. E. W. Mason's readers will, of course, not expect from him a novel written in a very modern manner. Anti- militarists, indeed, will be deeply shocked by his obvious con- viction that the most gallan`, use that a man can make of his life is to fight in any cause, whether bad or good. His new story is concerned with the difficulties of the French in their occupation of their portion of Morocco, and presents a vivid picture of that country. There is also a problem, which might be called mildly psychological. This, shortly stated, is whether it is permissible for a man to desert his colours for the sake of saving the life and honour of the woman he loves. Admirers of Mr. Mason's writing will find The Winding Stair pleasant reading. It is already proving itself a best seller.