11 AUGUST 1923, Page 25



THE Chale Weaving House, 283 Fulham Road, London, S.W. 10, have sent us a delightful silk scarf to criticize. The warp is arranged in stripes of light blues, browns, greens—colours which are reminiscent of a bluebell wood in spring. The effect is happy, and the shoot of a greyer blue is well chosen to bind them all together with a mistiness which increases the illusion of springtime. The edge is well kept, the heddle has been used with accuracy, the knotted ends are efficient. The only constructive criticism we should like to offer is that the arrangement of the stripes should be repeated from the centre outwards or inwards, and not as they now are, with one side light and one side dark to each stripe. If this suggestion were (Continued on page 202 )

carried out the scarf would give the sense of being a complete design in itself, and not as if one or two more widths might