11 DECEMBER 1841, Page 10


Ma. CA_TIIN has this week added to his curious museum of Indian cos- tumes and weapons, scenery and portraits, an elaborate and highly- finished Model of the Falls of Niagara ; representing in miniature, on a scale of exact proportion, the Falls and the Rapids above, with the surrounding scenery and buildings, exactly as they appeared at the time. No one who has not visited Niagara can form a cor- rect estimate of the appearance and extent of this wonder of nature ; pictures and descriptions alike fail : but the model makes clear at a glance the plan of the plmenomenon, and enables the visiter to comprehend its cause and effect. Of course nothing but Niagara itself can convey an idea of the sublimity of the scene ; and its impression on the mind and the sense will vary with every be- holder. Each house and tree is a portrait ; and the different heights of the two Falls are discriminated minutely : the little islands studded with trees, the spots of foam on the surface of the Rapids, the bridge across the Fall to Goat Island, the covered ways down the face of the cliff to the river—every object, in short, is indicated according to accurate measurement. The shores have undergone some change siace Mr. CATLIN was there, but the great cataract remains the same.

Mr. CATLIN's collection is to remain at the Egyptian Hall only for a little while longer; but that includes the holyday-time.