11 DECEMBER 1841, Page 19


Arrived—At Gravesend, Dec. 6th, Airey, Nicholson, from Bengal ; and Sanderson. Smithy, from China; 8th, Mary Itaunatyne, Pickering; and Juliet, Alexander, from Bengal; and 9th, Science, Rowlands, from Mauritius. At Deal. 9th, N. Miles. Samp- son, from Bombay ; 10th, Royal Cousort,Western ; Marmiou, Dvett ; and Sarah. Turn- bull, from Bengal. Mary Catherine. Kendal ; Fort William, lion; and Sarah. —„ from China; Providence. Jackson, from Singapore; Galatea, Tayte, from Madras; and Faith, from Mauritius. At Liverpool. 4th, Briton's Queen. Smith; and 7th, W. Shaud, Potter, from Bombay ; and James, White, from New South Wales. At St. Helena, Amwell, Hesse; Helen Mary, —; Devon, Geethiug, from Bengal ; Lady East. Corlass, from Bombay; Jane Blain, Reed, from Penang ; Bengal. Gordon, from Batavia; Glenswilly. M-Neill. from Singapore; and Amity, Bell, from China. At the Cape, previous to 4th October. Jim Crow. Genre; and Hero of Malown. Jackson ; from London ; Talent. Furvin ; and Lady How-den, M'Eacheren, from the Clyde. At Bombay, previous to the 31st Oct. Reliance, Green; and Tanjore. M•Leod. from London; Ulverstone, Smith ; Bigelow% Hogg ; and Abeona, Essen, from Liverpool ; and Strabane. Cook, from the Clyde. At Madras. previous to the 21st Oct. Essex. Leod ; and Greenlaw, Warier, from Loudon. At Bengal, previous to the 16th Oct. Seymour. Davis ; and Norfolk. M-Gildowney, from London; Pomona. Smith, from Newcastle; Alderman Thompson. Anderson, from the Clyde; and Blounge. —, from Liverpool. At Vau Diemen's Laud. Rajah, Ferguson ; Layton. Stephens; and Shep. he' dess, Poole. from London; Perseverance, — • from Liverpool ; and Countess Mint°, —, from Leith. At New South Wales, previous to the 22d Aug. W. Broderick, Hindmarsh ; Juhu Knox, —; Abberton. Can; Couutess Dunmore, Snowden ; Queen Victoria. Ceuuur ; Hero, Fanner; Burhampooter, Brown; Roseberry, Young ; Strath. eden, —; and George Fyffe, Pyke, from London; Malcolm. Malcolm; Ellen, Hunter; Cadet, Curling; England. —; Autumuus, White ; and Elizabeth, Moffatt, from Liverpool; Terranova, Murwieh, from the Clyde; and Catherine, Somerville. from Newcastle.

Sailed—From Gravesend, Dec. 3d, Dovecot, Bull, for China; and 4th, Dartmouth,

Jacob. for Bombay. SATURDAY MORNING.

Arrived-Off Dover. Glenswilly, from Singapore. At Liverpool, Devon, Geethiug, from Bengal.