11 DECEMBER 1909, Page 1

Meanwhile the electoral campaign has been fast and furious during

the week. The Liberals were the first to take the field in force, and Mr. Churchill in Lancashire has been performing feats of physical endurance comparable with those of a candidate for the American Presidency. - -No fair observer, we think, can pretend that the country is in any- thing resembling a state of furious anger against the Lords. We have examined elsewhere the cause of this remarkable self- possession, and need only say here that to our thinking it is a very reassuring and creditable thing that the people, in spite of the storm of denunciation of the Lords by skilful and eloquent Radicals, insist on looking beyond the words into the heart of the matter, and asking themselves plainly and quietly whether in referring the Budget to them for their considered decision the Lords have done more than exert the delaying influence which it is the duty of every Second Chamber to exert in critical times.