11 DECEMBER 1909, Page 16


[To THE E-Drrox or rim "Erse:Arm:9 SIR,-21 propos of Professor Dicey's most interesting article in the National Review for December on Blackstone's " Commentaries," may I mention the following fact ? Abraham Lincoln when quite a young man bought an odd lot of books from a settler trekking West in a waggon. Among these books were Blackstone's "Commentaries." The long, lean lad devoured every word. It is to this study of Blackstone that I have always attributed, not only Lincoln's profound sentiment for the common law and the spirit of the Con- stitution, but the purity, force, and, in the true sense, mag-

nificence of his style.—I am, Sir, &c., J. S. L. S.