11 DECEMBER 1909, Page 16


[To TEE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR:1 Sin,—The writer of the article on "St. Andrew's Day at Eton" that appears in your issue of last week asks : "When did the seagulls first come to Agar's Plough ?" This is the third season that these birds have added a new delight to our surroundings, though for some years past flocks of terns have been seen in the early spring fishing in the river near the "Master's boathouse." The gulls feed on the earthworms which a warm day, after a spell of cold weather, brings near the surface of the ground. The other day part of the flock passed over my garden, and did their best to tempt two tame grills to follow them. Unable to fly, the truants accompanied their friends on foot, and were only recaptured after an exciting chase. The Jubilee year of 1887 marked the first appearance of gulls in London. in large numbers, and since

then they seem to be gradually making their way along the

Thames Valley.—I am, Sir, &c., M. D. HILL. .Eton College, Windsor.