11 DECEMBER 1964, Page 8

Call Me Mister .

What between Conservatives who are going out of office And Socialists who are coming into office

And Liberals who are just about the place

(Calling in aid Lord Wade) And Law Lords And lay Lords Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal And Life Peers and Death Peers, And Lady Peers and baby Peers

There's hardly anybody left who isn't in tile House of Lords

(Except for those who have renounced thci peerages).

'Lord what?' said the shirt-maker, booking hi5 order.

'Not Lord at all,' said the purchaser. 'Just Mister. 'What not even a4Cnight?' said the shirt-maker. 'No, just Mister.'

'Just Mister. I don't think we've ever had any 0 them before.'