11 FEBRUARY 1899, Page 2

The Queen's Speech is never a very exciting document, but

this year it is duller than usual. After a not very coherent series of comments on the events of the last six months, and appropriate references to Khartoum, Prince George, the murder of the Empress of Austria, the Czar's peace proposals, the West Indian hurricane, and the Indian plague, the Government express their intention to bring in Bills to deal with (1) the government of the Metropolis; (2) the formation of an Education Board for controlling primary, secondary, and technical education; (3) private legislation in Scotland ; (4) the purchase of their dwellings by the poorer classes ; and (5) a number of minor ad- ministrative matters. It is not a sensational or heroic list, but none the worse for that, and it is to be hoped that it is short enough to prevent the necessity for that unedifying slaughter of the innocents which usually takes place at the end of the Session.