11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OF THE ..srscrsros..i

SIR,—I beg to enclose a copy of a resolution unanimously passed by the Executive Committee of the Free-Trade League at its meeting on Wednesday, which I trust you will think worthy of publication.—I am, Sir, &c., TOM GARNETT,

Chairman, Free-Trade League.

[Resolution.] "The Free-Trade League is an association of Unionist, Liberal, and Labour politicians, and of Co-operators and men who belong to no political party, who are working together for the main- tenance of the existing Free-trade Fiscal policy of the United Kingdom.

The Liberal and Labour candidates for Parliament at the approaching General Election are practically all Free-traders, and they are receiving the loyal support of Unionist Free-traders.

The Free-Trade League feel that, as a bare act of justice, the candidature of all Unionist Free-traders who are opposed by Protectionists should be supported.

The Unionist Free-traders are the mon who are called upon to sacrifice party ties and political prospects. They are the men who have saved the nation from Protectionist enactments, which it would have been difficult to reverse.

Under these circumstances the Free-Trade League think they are justified in appealing to all Liberals and Liberal associations, at any rate where Liberal candidates were not already before the constituencies when Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Balfour began their campaign for the reversal of our Fiscal policy, to loyally support Unionist Free-trade candidates ; and thus pay part of the debt Labour and Liberal candidates in hundreds of constituencies throughout the kingdom owe to the whole-hearted support of Unionist Free-trade electors."

[The above resolution puts with admirable clearness the points repeatedly insisted on in these columns, and will, we believe, have the almost universal support of Liberal Free- traders throughout the country. The next step is for such Liberals to oblige the Liberal associations to adopt a line of action so reasonable, and so necessary to the wider welfare of the Liberal party, as that suggested by the resolution. The Liberals cannot win a signal victory for• Free-trade without the whole-hearted help of the Unionist Free-traders. But how can they expect such help if they treat the Unionist Free-trade Members as enemies P—En. Spectator.]