11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 15

Sra,--Surely "A. E. T." is strangely misinformed when he writes,

in the Spectator of February 4th : " All [the Protestant sects] agree in not believing them [the Sacraments] to be the means of conveying the grace they represent." The Sacra- mental views and practice of the Wesleys are still cherished by many of their followers... Holy Communion has always been regarded among them as a " means of grace." The recent Life of Hugh Price Hughes is an evidence of the belief of Methodists in Sacramental grace. If Dr. Dale and Dr. Forsyth speak for Congregationalism, similar views are held amongst the people whom they represent. There certainly are Nonconformists who are accurately described by " A. E. T.," but as a matter of fact there are almost as many views of the Sacraments among Free Churchmen as among members of the Established Church.—I am, Sir, &c., J. ERNEST RATTENEURY, Wesleyan Minister.