11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 16

[To TEE EDITOR OF THE] "SPECTATOR "] SIR, — May we suggest to:the

public through your columns a means of lessening the long hours of dressmakers' assistants during the season P If ladies would place their orders for

summer clothes with dressmakers and tailors early in the season, they would help to diminish this excessive pressure of

work. They would also benefit by obtaining more satisfactory results, as more care and time:could be given to the work. By

the end of March new materials are obtainable, and we would suggest orders being given as soon after that date as possible.

Similarly, by taking a little thought, and placing orders for house-decoration—or indeed work of any kind that does not depend on seasonal vagaries—at once, work would be more easily distributed over the next few months, and the prevailing acute distress through lack of employment would be to some extent ameliorated.—We are, Sir, &c.,

R. B. Heninsox, M.A. II. F. Roams.

(Chairman). C. W. LOWRY.

A. E. TomaN, M.A. H. FOSTER.

R. BERRYILOT. G. J. MAGUIRE, M.B., M. E. CHRISTIE. B.A.O. (Hon. Sec.) Committee, Richmond Group, London Branch, Christian Social Union.