11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 2

The prospects of the Government in the coming Session are

the subject of endless discussion. The better opinion seems to be that there will be a Dissolution before the end of March, and then a debacle for the Unionist party equal to, if not exceeding, that which overtook the Liberals in 1886. The Government themselves appear to waver between the most profound depression and a heady optimism. In truth, there is consistency neither in their policy nor in their hopes and fears for the future. Their ups and downs of feeling remind

"Her moods, good lack, they pass like showers !

But yesternight and she would be As pale and still as wither'd flowers; And now to-night she laughs and speaks And has a colour in her cheeks.

God save us from such fantasy !"

That exactly expresses the changing moods of the Govern- ment orators. It will be curious to see whether Tuesday will find them pale and still, or with a colour in their cheeks, and full of laughing assurances that they mean to hold on for another year.