11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 23

ScHoofeBooKs. — The Elements of Geometry, Books I. III. By Braithwaite Arnett,

M.A. (Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 2s. each.) —Book I. contains the substance of Euclid I., 1-34 ; Book II. treats of the Circle, Ratio, and Proportion; and Book III. of Similes, Figures, and Areas.—Lessons in Experimental and Practical Geometry. By H. S. Hall, M.A., and F. H. Stevens, M.A. (Mac- millan and Co. le. 6d.)—Excursions and Lessons in Home Geography. By C. A. Murray, Ph.D. (Same publishers. 2s. 6d.) —" Home," it should be said, is the United States.—In "Readers" we have The New Temple Reader, by E. E. Speight, B.A. (Horace Marshall and Son, le. 6d. net), described as an introduction to literature, and not wanting in comprehensive- ness, for it begins with an Egyptian hymn, takes us through Herodotus, the " Arabian Nights," " the Classics " (is not Herodotus a " classic " ?), down to De Quincy.—The Jack Readers, IV., by Thomas Cartwright (T. C. and E. C. Jack, Is. 4d.), containing extracts from the " Arabian Nights," " Christmas Books," and Folk- Lore. — German Reader for Technical Schools. By Ewald F. Seckler. (W. Blackwood and Sons. 2s.)—The Latin Verb Table, by E. J. Lloyd, B.A. (Spottiswoode and Co., Eton College), is a very ingeniously arranged scheme.