11 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 23

We welcome the appearance of the second annual volume of

Flora and Sylva, Edited by W. Robinson (17 Furnival Street). It is described as " A Monthly Review for Lovers of Garden, Woodland, Tree, or Flower ; New and Rare Plants, Trees, Shrubs, and Fruits ; the Garden Beautiful, Home Wood, and Home Landscape." It may serve as an example that three articles are devoted to varieties of the Nepenthes (the pitcher plant). Of these about seventy are described. Several may be grown under glass. The writer of this notice adds a note about ivy on trees (p. 355). The stem of an ivy plant, apparently almost contemporary with the tree (a fir) on which it grew, was seveved in April. In October, after a summer of considerable heat, it showed absolutely no sign of withering. On what did it live ?