11 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 2

' The diplomatic ambitions of Canada have been dis- cussed

in Parliament at Ottawa and received severe criticism from the leader of the Opposition and others. The Japanese venture was, of course, the principal object, as the relations arranged with Waihington are now past; history and, except for the appointments which we understand will be made when, the Secretary of State for the Dominions arrives in London, the arrangements with London have been- accepted alr :ad-y. They follow logically from the declaration of Dominion status made after the last iniperial Conference. therefore', certainly do not complain of them. Indeed, the right Man; really ready to co-operate with our ekisting repre- sentatives' in Washington or - Tokyo,-can find plenty of scope in the Common interests of the 'Empire. Ain impatient and keen but inexperieneed representative of Canada might easily do harm, but those responsible fin- the appointment will be quite aware of 'the risks. * * • * * •