11 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 2

Treaty prohibiting the use of submarines. This was published on

the eve of his departure on an unofficial visit to Canada, where he said- that the publication was premature., From another point of view it is too late. When submarines were first invented it was suggested that they should, by a Geneva _Convention, be prohibited as war. essels in the hope that war might be circumscribed by rules like a _game. At the Washington Conference, after experience of submarine warfare, Lord Balfour made, On. behalf of Great Britain, a proposal similar to that of Mr. Kellogg. He got no.support for complete pro- hibition. Now that the horrors and illegitimacy of submarine action are less actual, and nations have been building " improved " vessels, what support will Mr. Kellogg find ? Great Britain's perhaps. He will have our sympathy but also our regret that the United States did not take his line six years ago.

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