11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 19

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] am in complete -

agreement with the observations made and expressed by Miss Eva Lindt. The nature of my work brings me in contact daily with quite a number of " aliens " and I find that after some discussion with them they all, with hardly an exception, make the same observations as did Miss Lindt. I also find it to be so to a greater degree, that is to say the judgement of observers, amongst " Colonials " and vast numbers of our " coloured brethren " in the Empire, the experiences had by the latter alone during their stay in England to anyone who knows of same, would and should be a standing disgrace to us who pride ourselves on being so superior, &c.

Finally, as for what Dean Inge has said in his letter to you I think it quite characteristic of him just to pick out one book, viz., Those English, which apparently suits him and one which if I may say so is hardly known, although I myself have read it. I would hence like to make a suggestion to him to ask whether he has,, to mention just a few, read or even conveniently for- gotten the following works, all of which have both had a very wide circulation and are far better known than the one suggested by him. They are as follows : (t) The-English—Are they Human ? Professor Renier. (2) I Discover the English. Odette Kenn. (3) Oh, You English. Karaka.—Yours faith- fully, C. HARRISON-JONES. Central Y.M.C.A., London.