11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 20

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

Sm,—Mr. Bolus quotes Dr. Jowett as saying of Jesus : " It is quite a different question whether we shall imitate Him in His life," and replies : " But how begin to imitate Jesus without a motive ? And if you give up the main dogma, belief in the Resurrection, and cut out the miracles, and explain away the Atonement, what becomes of the motive ? "

But is this the motive ? Would Mr. Bolus ignore what Jesus said and did, if he ceased to accept these dogmas ? Does he not really accept these words and deeds because they carry conviction in themselves, or is it only because the credentials of their Author are excellent ?

One believes a dogma because one thinks it is true, but one tries to follow a way of life because one recognises it as the best one knows. The belief comes from without, the recognition from within.—Yours faithfully,


Chippenham Secondary School, Wiltshire.