11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 21


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

Sat,—In your journal dated December 31st there, appeared an article entitled " What Canada Thinks of Britain." The writer states that in the Province of Ontario American news- papers are on sale almost exclusively, that American hydro- kings spend profits on Ontario investments in the United States, that there is here a body of opinion which favours separation from Great Britain.

I have lived in this Province of Ontario for seventy-seven Years, and I would like to point out that American newspapers are not on sale almost exclusively. Nine-tenths of the papers on sale are our own Canadian papers. If there are American hydro-kings in Ontario I have never heard of them, nor have I ever heard one citizen of this Province advocate separation.

Another statement made is that English roses grow in charming gardens, but are wilted by American heat indoors. What is meant by American heat I know not, but I would point out that not even English roses are to be found in flower when American or any other kind of heat is required in our