11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 3

* * * * On Wednesday Mr. Parker, the Labour

M.P. for Romford, called attention to the necessity for adequate storage of food in time of war. His choice of a subject is interesting. A year or two ago the Labour Party were inclined to resent any proposal for war preparation, even when confined to passive defence. Now they are beginning to attack the Govern- ment for failing to take sufficient steps to safeguard the civil population. However, Mr. Parker performed admirably in his new role. On the other side it was strange to find a young Conservative like Mr. Lennox-Boyd decrying the provision of storage buildings. No doubt it is true that our existence in time of war depends upon control of the sea. But this does not invalidate the arguments in favour of storing foodstuffs. The motion had the powerful support of Sir Archibald Sinclair and Sir Arthur Salter, and Sir Thomas Inskip's reply by no means satisfied his critics.