11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 3

On Monday a whole day was spent on Sir Reginald

Clarry's proposal to provide safeguards for the coal consumer against exploitation. The users have been com- plaining not only of increased charges but also in many cases of the irregularity and poor quality of the supplies delivered to them. Mr. Graham White was able to demon- strate the inconvenience occasioned to shipping by irregular deliveries and pointed out that the grave dissatisfaction among shipowners who still burned coal was tipping the scale still further in favour of the oil-burning vessel. Mr. Amery asked whether anyone would have tolerated the fiscal changes of 1932 if the proposal had been that each industry should fix its own tariff and leave it afterwards to those who thought themselves prejudiced to bring their individual grievance before some board of inquiry. Mr. Stanley resisted the amendment in a speech that was less convincing than usual, based as it was on " certain guarantees " from the coalowners. As a result 31 Conservatives and two Liberal Nationals joined the Liberals and I.L.P. in the Opposition Lobby. The Labour Party abstained en bloc.

* * * *