11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 3

Political Notes Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : Pirates and coalowners

have competed this week for the attention of Parliament. Until recently General Franco had a good many sympathisers in the House of Commons. But, like the Nazi Government in Germany, he appears to do every- thing in his power to alienate British public opinion. Last year a group of Conservative M.P.'s lost no opportunity of demonstrating their approval of the insurgents. But on Monday, when Mr. Eden made his statement on the action to be taken against submarines, and declared that His Majesty's Government had reluctantly reached the conclusion that the Endymion ' was the object of a deliberate attack, they had nothing to say. Sir Arnold Wilson had hopefully put down a question suggesting that a mine and not a torpedo might have been responsible. Mr. Duff Cooper, however, replied that the depth of water ruled that out.