11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 40

18 cwt Independent springing is given to the front wheels

and I found it decidedly successful both as improving the general riding of the car and correcting sway. The three-speed gear-box, geared pleasantly high, gives all the necessary flexibility, as it were. The car only weighs 18 cwt. and the need for an intermediate gear between top and second -is thus cancelled. The Vauxhall synchromesh gives , you almost faultlessly easy and quick changing. Steering is light and comfortable, the brakes are really good, and the car is delightful to drive. You can do 6o miles an hour on to-p and 4o on second and it climbs hills fast and steadily. The bodywork is exceptionally roomy, and at £168 and £182, according to finish, I consider it, at first sight, a very good bargain. _