11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 40

The - Blowing Stone There is nothing beyond and having arrived you

can only go back the same way. That way is a rather steep -hill, winding up through a crack in the eternal downs, from Uffington, in the -Vale of the White Horse; about fiVe miles due south of Faringdon. Somewhere near the place • where the wiry, short-haired turf begins and you haVe to 'stop the car, lies Wayland Smith's Cave. And if you are of a sightseeing turn of mind you will 'find King Alfred's Blowing Stone, a few miles to the east, at the bottom of a hill you would have thought fatal to broadcasting. For a -fee you can blow it yourself, but with what success depends upon practice more -than- upon wind. One would like to have information about Alfred's corps of announcers. Perhaps they were descendants of. the oyster-diVe.rs so_ highly esteemed by Roman. society. There is also the White florse himself, a melancholy bag of bones, [Note.—Readers' requests for advice from our Motoring Corre- spondent 'ari the choice' of new cars should be accompanied by a stamped and addressed envelope.. The highest price payable must be given, as well as the ,type of body required. No advice can be given on the purchase, sale or exchange of used cars