11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 40

The 10 Vanxhall Four

The latest Vauxhall is one of the most interesting attempts to provide the poor man with the sort of car that goes as fast as that of his richer neighbour's, at proportionate cost, that. I- have driven since the War. I gather that the,. designers have spent a great deal of time as well;as a fabulaus -amount of money in evolving it, and I certainly think, front -the results it gave over my private :test-route, that both _they and it deserve success. It has most of the most irrinortant qualities of a still rather indefinite type ; a plain; simply- designed four-cylinder engine : light weight : a good-sized body:, high cruising speed, excellent hill-climbing ability and as much pace, all out, as any sensible person would ask' fOr at the price or, in ordinary use, need on our choked rOat%.* •