11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 40

White Horse Hill

Overlooking the Vale .of. the,White Horse, a mile or- two from Uffington on_ northTwest and a few more from Wantage on the north-east,. is White Horse Hill—one of the best hill-tops in England -and, ty the average motorist, one of the least known, and likely to remain so. For which one can only be selfishly grateful. It is one of the. really few lonely places within too miles of town, a patch of the Downs where the Ridgeway runs, from whiCh you look over' miles of rolling hills which hardly change colour, winter and summer. The grass is the 'shortest cropped you ever saw,- shaved by the open winds that blow across that wide expanse as freely as they did last night across the AtIantie_ waves' 'and nothing except the clouds avails to leave a. mark- upon it.- It has some quality of the ocean in its solitude, but4ecause it changes so little the simile is worth- no more It is'a'place where you can watch time go. by, yoUrself insulated from its current. The Romans built or more probably- modernised the imperial artery that-rtins- out- before you east and west', but you need small.: imagination -to put the calendar back a score of centuries. White Horse Hill has always been like this.