11 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 46


Aristoc, Limited, the makers of silk stockings, are among the very large number of industrial companies which continue to announce rising profits and dividends, any doubts about the stability of industrial activity notwithstanding The net profit for the year ended December 31st amounted to £87;990, an increase of £23,750. After providing for the increased burden -bf taxation the-company have announced a final dividend of .15 per cent. and a bonus of 5 per cent., -makink, with the interim dividend .of 71 per cent., .a total distribution for the year of 271 per cent.; conmared with io per cent. a year, ago. They are still distributing • well within current earnings for the transfer to reserve has been raised by £io,000 to £20,000, 'Mid the balance to be carried forward Incieased by- £4,888 to