11 JANUARY 1845, Page 13

The Great Britain .steam-ship made another experimental-trip down the Bristol

Channel on Wednesday, with about one hundred and forty passengers on board, including several engineers and naval officers. The ship is now fitted with its six masts, which are called the fore-mast, main-mast, and third, fourth, fifth, and sixth masts, and temporary shrouds have been attached; the yards of the main-mast are also across. The vast size of the ship will perhaps be better ex- emplified by stating, that were she rigged with three masts, her fore-mast would be upwards of GO feet from her bows, and her mizen upwards of 100 feet from her taffimil, while each of her masts would be as far asunder as they. are on board of an 80-gun ship. The engines were first put in motion at 10 revolutions a minute; when she made 6% knots. When off the Bohm, 14 revolutions produced 9% knots; 15 revolutions full gave 9% knots; 151 revolutions 9i knots. When the ship was below the Holms she was brought round twice, and came round the thirty-two points in a little less than seven minutes; and half round, or sixteen points in three minutes fifty-five seconds. On her return up the Channel, with her head to the wind, the speed of the engines was increased to 16 2-3d revo- lutions, which gave 10% knots; and subsequently to 18 revolutions which gave 114 knots. The engines worked beautifully, but they were at no time put to full The Great Britain made the passage from the Holms to Iriagroad, nineteen miles,) with head to wind, in exactly one hour and nine 1111111100.