11 JANUARY 1845, Page 19


Tuesday, Jan. 7.


Fletcher and Payne, Denmark HI11, Camberwell, sehoolmasters--Cramond and Schuy- ler, Lime Street, ship-agents—Foster and Co. Leicester, yarn-manufacturers—T. and T. Marston, Birmingham, gold-beatere--Ayers and Parkinsori, John Street, Berkeley Square, architects— Blackbird and Hunter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, shipbrokeni—Bundey and Sons. Batley, Yorkshire, woollen-manufacturers; as far as regards A. Burnley— Crook and Son, Manchester, cotton-manufacturers—Blandin and Co. Liverpool, meg. chants—Guy and Burrell, Chelmsford, booksellere—Neville and Co. Blackburn, atter. riles ; as far as regards J. Beardsworth—Hall and Co. Lytham, Lancashire, plumbers- Rokes and Webster, Blackman Street, undertakers—Smith and Co. Bradford, Yorkshitee. worsted-spinners ; as far as regards W. Buckle—Pawson and Son, Cheapskie, woollen- cloth-miumfacturers—Woollatt and Walton, Derby, upholsterers—Baker and Co. Kin,. whtford, coal-masters—Grundy and Co. Preston, machine-makers; as far as regards J. German—Dickson and Co. Manchester, mercers; as far as regards 11. Dickson—Beard and Chitty, Lewes brewers—Windus and Co. Lewes, wine-merchants ; as far as regards C. H. Chitty—Beyuon and Jones, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, embussers—White and Baas, Halesworth, Suffolk, attornles—E. and F. Farndon, Long Acre. hatters—Cur. rle and Co. Bromley, Middlesex, distillers; as far as regards L. Currie senior—Broern and Marston, Coventry, pawnbrokers—J. and W. Moore, Sellinge, Kent, millere—Jack- " son and Ranger, Trowbridge, auctioneers—Pass and Sheitnerdine, Altri :wham, Cheshire, conveyancers—Casson and Withington, Manchester, attornies—Murphy and Co. Black.. more Street, Drury Lane, grocers—Fallen and Finder, Galueburgh, Lincolnshire, drape= —Hannah and Heath,Bridge Street, Westminster, wine-memhants—Cufney and Heigh- way, Manchester, paperhangers—Lewis and Co. Stangate Street, tin-plate-workers- Shaw and Sons, Fetter Lane, printers ; us far as regards R. Shaw—Skinner and Clore. Spring Street, Hyde Park, saddlers—Masterman and Co. Nicholas Lane, bankers ; as far as regards W. Mastermsn—.I. A. and R. Forshaw, Liverpool, merchants—Wilkins" and Son, Judd Place West, stonemasons—Clarkson and Whitaker, Caine, Wiltshire,' attornies--Edlestone and Fisher, Nantwieh, attornies ; as far as regards Ii.yisher- Budd and.CO. Birminghain, carriers—Eastwood and CO. Manchester, joiners, sAerxerrcr ANNULLED.

• TAIMOITZT, J., Wisiehsed, Somersetshire, baker.

Burr, Jona, Liverpool, merchant, to surrender Jan. 27, Feb. 7: solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Co. Bedfonl Row ; Mr. Moss, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.

Boons, Jamas, Kirkburton, woollen-cloth-manufacturer, Jan. 18, Feb. 7 : solicitors, Mears. Sndlow and Co. Chancery Lane ; Messrs. Floyd and Booth, and Messrs. Bettye and Clay, Huddersfield; official assignee, Mr. Feame, Leeds. CHANDLER, THOMAS, Bow Lane, builder, Jan. 13, March 1: solicitors, Messrs. Farrar and Lake, Godllman Street, Doctors Commons ; official assignee, Green, Aldennanbury. Ltriwrcsig, WILLIAM, Birmingham, braes-founder, Jan. 21, Feb.15 ; solicitors, Messrs. Harrison and Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. Mosingno, Jolla, Grove Street, Hackney, market-gardener, Jan. 15, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Jenkinson, Cannon Street ; official assignee Mr. Groom, Abehnrch Lane. RE'YELT, THOMAS, Junior, Neweastle-upon-Ty;le, plumber, Jan. 17, Feb. 26: solicitors, Messrs. Chialwime and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Mr. Berle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Forms, Wmusis, Addle Street, Wood Street, commission-agent, Jan. 15, Feb. 20: Solicitor, Mr. Langley, Bedford Bow; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane. DIVIDENDS.

Jan. 28, Waeey, Beech Street, Barbican, bookseller-Jan. 28, J. and it. Dewe, Ox- ford, booksellers-Jan. 30, Oliver and York, Stoney Stratford, bankers-Jan. 30, Oliver and Co. Tipton coalmosters-Jan. 30, Lett, Commercial Road, Lambeth, timber-mer- chant-Jan. 30, Roberts, Blackman Street-Jan. 30, Thom, Southampton, builder- Jan. 31, Ashwell, North Walsham, Norfolk, butcher-Jan. 31,0. and S. Potter, Man- chester, calico-printers-Jan. 30, Cochran and Robertson, London, merchants-Jan.30, Robertson, London, merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Jan. 30, Shenvood, Tilehurst, Berkshire, brIckmaker-Jan. 30, Burgess, Cratfield, Suffolk, farmer-Jan. 29, Smith, Gloucester Street, Boston, builder-Jan. 28, Brookes, Gilbert Street, Grosvenor Square, grocer-Jan. 28, T. and J. Walker, York Road ,Lam- beth, upholsterers-Jan. 28, Akehurst, East Mailing, Kent, baker-Jan. 20, Parkinson, Calverley, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer-Jan. 29, Pollock, Liverpool, commission- merchant-Jan. 29, Walker, Liverpool, merchant-Jan. 29, Cross, Chester, lead-mer- chant-Jan. 30, Reeks, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer. To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Jan. 28. Mann, Romford, Essex, banker.


Pow, Newcastle-urn:I-Tyne, shipbroker ; second and final div. of Is. nit in addition

to 2s. previously declared, Jan. 11, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Baker, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne-Dyson, Sheffield, scithe-manufacturer ; first div. of 7s. 6d. any Wednesday after Jan. 9 • Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Dixon, Sheffield, linendmper ; second and final div. of 2s. 4d. any Wednesday after Jan. 9; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Batty, Kingston- upon-Hull, currier; first div. of Is. any Wednesday after Jan. 9; Mr. Freeman, Leeds -H. and G. Se,honsar, London, merchants ; third div. of 8d. any Wednesday after Jan. 9; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Pullen, Selby, flax-merchant; second and final div. of 414. any Wednesday after Jan. 9; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Currie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, hookseller ; first div. of 9s. Jail. 11, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Baker, New- castle-upon-Tyne-Hayton, Sunderland-ne,ar-the-Sea, coal-fitter ; third and final div. of id. and 7-I5ths of a penny, (in addition to 25. 11d, previously declared,) Jan. 11, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Kerr, Woolwich, tailor ; fifth div. of 2td. Jan. 11, and two following Wednesdays ; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane -Ward, Upper Ground Street, ironfounder ; second div. of is. 8d. Jan. 8, and the fol- lowing Wednesdays ; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Tuck, Haymarket, silversmith ; first div. of 5d. Jan. 8, and the following Wednesdays ; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Prior and Brady, Kingston-upon-Hull, brush-makers ; first div. of Is. &I. any Wednesday after Jan. 9; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Wilson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen-manufacturer; first and final div. of la. 3d. and 8-10ths of a penny, Jan. 11, or any subsequent Satur- day; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Rodham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer ; first and final div. of 9d. and 7-10ths of a penny, Jan. II, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Baker, Neweastle-upou-Tyne--Drew, Compton Street, Regent Square, victualler; Snit die; of •Siid. Jan. 8, and following Wednesday ; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Foster, Hatheni, Leicestershire, tanner; second div. of 21d. Jan. 8, or any subsequent Wed- nesday; Mr. Belcher, King's Anna Yard-Cockburn, New Broad Street, merchant ; fourth div. of 3id. Jan. 8, and the following Wednesdays ; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry- Diatkin, Cambridge, victualler ; first;div. of 2(1. Jan. 8, and the following Wednesdays ; Mr. Furquand, Old Jewry-Hurley, Woburn, plumber ; second div. of 4d. Jan. 8, and tile followingWednesdays ; Mr. Turqnand, Old Jewry-Graydon Limehonse, ship- chandler ; second div. of 6d. Jan. 8, and the following Wednesdays; Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Ryle, Manchester, banker ; fourth div. of 2s. 6d. Jan. 23, or any subse- quent Wednesday; Mr. Pott, Manchester-Tregear and Lewis, Cheapside, printsellers ; first div. of 20s. Jan. 8, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Balls, Holloway Road, livery-stable-keeper ; first div. of 25. Jan. 8, or any sub- sequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Portway, Braintree, Essex, tea- dealer ; first div. of as. 6d. Jan. 8, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Baker, Romsey, Hampshire, grocer ; first div. of 5s. Jan. 8, or any subse- quent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Scholefield, Cheapside cutler ; Bin div. of O. lid. Jan. 8, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Anus Yard.


'ALEXANDER, J., Glasgow, mason, Jan. 13, Feb. 3.

. MscLEAN, A. W., Glasgow, hotel-keeper, Jan. 10, 31. WADDELL, A. A., Glasgow, coal-merchant, Jan. 11, Feb. 4.

Friday, Jan, 10.


- Hall, Ilaslop, and Co. Cambridge, machine-makers-Ball and Co. Cambridge, machine- makere.--Gatliff and Hoppa, Leeds, attomies-J. and R. Lauriere, St. James's-street ; as far as regards Si. Latniere-J. anti R. Lauriere, St. James's-street, jewellers-Chris- tiansen and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull, commission-merchants--Christiansen and Co. New- castle-upon-Tyne, commission-merchants ; as far as regards J. Christiansen-Longden and Son, Sheffield, ironfounders-Thorp and Sons, Leicester, glove manufacturers- Bunney and Co. Ball's Pond, nurserymen-Mead and Pool, Leighton Buzzard, builders- Mines and Co. Bradford. woolstapiers-Pearce and Co.,Liverpool, merchants-Scott and Co. Naples ; as far as regards A. Scott-Hayden and Co. Mile-end-road, linen-drapers-- 0. and W. Harrison, Banbury-, grocers-Wainhouse and Co. Halifax, dyers-Phillips and- Solomons, Crown Street, Finsbury, victuallers-Tilsley and Co. Moreton-In- Marsh, Glocestershire, attornies-J. and M. M'George, Brighton, drapers-Jackson and Height, Cheapside, engravers-Chadwick and Brothers, Ashton-under-Line, cotton- spinners ; as far as regards W. Chadwick-Moons and Co. London, merchants--Cham- bees and Clayton, King Street, CheapsIde-Faulkner and Adams, Old Brompton, Mid- dlesex, saw-mill proprietors-Purnell and Case, Liverpool, coal-merchants-W. and F. Shearing, Chester, chyndsts-Beard and Chitty, Lewes, Sussex, brewers-Winclus and Co. Lewes, Sussex, wine-merchants ; as far as regards C. H. Chitty-Phillips and Good- win, Crowiand, Lincolnshire, mercers-Heaps and Milner, Leeds, plumbers-Mabson and Eisam, Birmingham, merchants-Pope and Glanville, Bristol, coal-merchants-L. and J. Pepperdine, Lincoln raff-merchants-Ireland and Co. Worn, Shropshire, lime- merchants ; as far as regards T. Ireland-M. and W. Gollop, Poole, carpenters-Do- mett and England, ship-brokers-Gibson and Pridmore, Leicester, fishmongers-Ray and Barnard, Eastmeon, Hampshire, mealmen-Hirst and Co. Penistone, Yorkshire, scribbling-millers; as far as regards W. and J. Thorp and A. Taylor-Smith and Mac- Allister, Glasgow, manufacturers-Jackson and Hardgrave, York, bricklayers.


BROWN, Josses', Regent Street, grocer, to surrender Jan. 17, Feb. 20: solicitor, Mr. Baylis, Basingball Street ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. FLINTOFF, GEORGE, Plymouth, bookseller, Jan. 17, Feb. 19: solicitor, Mr. Surr, Lom- bard Street ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

VALLANCE, WILLien, Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 24, Feb. 25: solicitors, Mr. Gilbank, Coleman Street ; Messrs. Lowndes, Robinson, and Batcson, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. BIM, Liverpool.


Jan. 31, Copper, Reading, grocer-Feb. 3. Johnson and Co., Romford, bankers-Jan. 24, Cox, Hendon, horse-dealer--Jan. 31, Eldridge, Gray's-inn-road, coach-builder-Jan. 31, Robinson, Strand, coal-merchant-Jan. 23, Garnett, Liverpool, merchant-Feb. 1, TebbItt, Birmingham, wholesale tea-dealer--Jan. 31, Wise and Co. Devonshire, ban- kers-Feb. 4, Harrison, Bristol, builder - Jan. 31, J. and D. Arthur, Reath, iron- masters-Feb. 4, Petrie, Bedlington, Durham, miller-Feb. 6, Sorby, Sheffield, steel- manufacturer- Feb. 6, Firth, Heckmondwike, merchant-Feb. 7, Parker, Rotherham, seed-crusher-Feb. 1, Jones, Birmingham, victualler.


7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting

Jan. 31, Cox, Crown Street, Soho, general-dealer-Feb. 6, Giles, Bedford Street, Co- Vent Garden, carver-Feb. 4, Davidson, John Street, Adelphi, merchant-Feb. 4, Adden- brook, Dudley, druggist-Feb. 6. Figge, Dunster Court, Mincing Lane, merchant-Feb. Watson, Skinner Street, woollen-warehouseman-Feb. 7, Broome and Hardy, Oxford Street, drapers-Feb. 4, Pegrum, Robert Street, North Brixton, carpenter-Feb. Webb, Bath, wine-merchant--Feb. 6, Crich, Sheffield, maltster-Feb. 6, Blackbunu Salford, builder. To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or Wore Jan. 31. • Howard, New Road, publisher-Walker, Birmingham, hatter-Appleton, Deptford. shipowner-G. and W. Noel, Jermyn Street, bootmakers.


Hopper' Great Queen Street, carpet-warehouseman ; third dlr. of 74. Jan."15, and following Wednesdays • Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry-Balley, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, upholsterer; third illy. of 4s. 64. Jan. 15, and following Wednesdays ; Mr. Tur- quand, Old Jewry-Alford, Harrow Road, Paddington, licensed victualler; first div. of Is. 24. on new proolb, and second div. of id. on all proofis, any Wednesday; Mr. Gra- ham, Coleman Street-Sharpe and Clarke, Berners Street, upholsterers ; final div. of 7d. any Saturday; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury-Simmons and Brook. Bermondsey, iron- founders ; final div. of 55. 9id. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldernianbury-Jacob, Man- chester, merchant ; final div. of hid. Tuesday, Jan. 14, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Frasei, Manchester-Roberts, OsWeStry, draper ; second div. of 2id. any Thursday. Mr. Christie, Birmingham.


Moasnor..i., D., Johnstone, innkeeper, Jan. 17, Feb. 7.