11 JANUARY 1845, Page 2

The Argentine Republic " attracts unwonted notice, since it is

the obiect of intervention. The Spanish races who colonized Central America have neglected to improve the resources of the region, in order to indulge perpetual wars. Adventurers from Europe have strayed to the place, to profit by the neglected na- tural riches ; and commerce rears its head in the midst of anarchy, protected by the shadow of power and order in Europe. Still, it IS not safe; and to stop endless disorder and effusion of blood, Brazil offers, with Great Britain and France, to interpose. The interpo- sition may be the means of really bringing to market the "new world " which was vaunted, but which has as yet lain compara- tively fallow. It is interesting, too, to see Brazil coming forward as a diplomatic power, taking part with the first in the world to promote peace and commerce. That fact alone means much. May such facts multiply.