11 JANUARY 1845, Page 8


AMID-ED—At Gravesend, 6th inst. Helvellyn, Tullidge, ffeM Singapore ; Jessie, Mal- colm, from Ceylon ; and Inchinnan, Batten, from Bombay ; 7th, Orleana, Cameron ; China, Livesay ; Atkinson, 3PDona1d ; Justine, Loader ; and New Zealand, Gray, from Bengal ; Narcissus Batty, from Ceylon ; and Portly, Boss; and Carrara, Mettler, from Mauritius ; 8th, ScO m tswood, Hair, from Mauritius; Rib, Caribbean, Fleming ; and Earl Stanhope, Wright, from Bengal ; Orynthia, Leshew, from Moulmein ; and Mag- nolia, Johnson, from Manilla. Off Brighton, —, City of Derry, Weir, Iron]. China. OLE Portsmouth, 9th, Bencoolen, —, from Manilla. Off the Wight, —, Henrietta, Long- ford, from Bengal. Off Salcombe, 7th, Gentoo, Cubitt, from ditto. At Liverpool, 6th„ Fatima, Wilson and 7th, Ripley, Robinson, nom Calcutta. Off Holyhead, 7th, Ar- gaum, Leitch, from ditto. At Greenock, 6th, Mary Ann, Edie, from Bombay. At Dublin, 7th, Argyle, Kenney, from Calcutta. At .Algoa Bay, 28th Oct. Daphne,. 211•31111an, from London. At the Cape of Good Hope, previous to 12th Nov. Northum- berland, Bird ; Childe Harold, —; Duke of Roxburgh, —; Wellington, Liddell; Lemnos, Rowell ; Mountain Maid, Allen ; Era, Kingston ; J. W. Dare, Ellis ; Light- ning, —; Sir It. Peel, Champion ; Humayoon, M'Kellar ; and Duke of Argyll, Britt- towe, from London ; Susan, Agar, from Liverpool; Anne, Wright, from Newcastle ; and Atwick, Mather, from Hull. At Mauritius, 12th October, Margaret Wilkie. Suttle ; and Madonna, 31iller, from the Clyde. At Ceylon, previous to 18th Nov. Ur- gent, Marshall ; and J. Thompson, Powell, from London ; and Antigua Packet, Hunter; and It. Heber, 31'Farlane, from Liverpool. At Madras, 3Ist Oct. Cambrian, Shaddick from London ; and Peru, Bateson, from Liverpool; 19th Nov. Tory, Row ; and 20th, It. Small, Williams, from London. At Batavia, —, Merlin, Thompson, from the Clyde. At China, previous to 10th October Royal Albert, Scanlan ; and Cleopatra, Early, from London ; Aden, King ; Euphrates, Wilson; Pamper°, Roberts ; It. PulsIbrd, Robinson; Dumfries, Thompson ; and Circassian, Bore, from Liverpool. At Sydney, 12th Aug.. Ceylon, Beasley, from London. At Hobart Town, 30th July, Robert Mathews, —, irom ditto.

Ssu.ED—From Gravesend, 3d Jan. Fortitude, Christmas, for Ceylon ; 51h, Palmyra, Campbell, for China ; and John Fleming, Rose, from Madras and Calcutta ; and 7th. Clara, Crow, for Bombay. From Liverpool, 3d ditto, Elizabeth Jane, Haigh, for Cal- cutta; 5th, Prince of Waterloo, Booth, for Bombay ; 7th, John Horton, Cunningham,. for China ; 801, Judith, Phillips, for ditto ; and Patriot King, Ruddock, for Calcutta and 9th, Louisa, Wseberry, for Bombay. From Greenock, 31st Dec. BrahmRI, M'Arthur, for Bombay.

Sevranss MoININO.

AIIIITED—Off Liverpool, 10th Inst. Sultan, Murdock, from China ; Flora Kerr, Arnold, from Calcutta; and Hannah Kerr, 3PIChday, from Bombay. At Sydney, 3d Sept, EWereHa, parley, from London - and Templar, Brown, from cost. Banne—From araresend. 10th Rua- Sir E. Paget, Battler; and Maria. Lowe/ales for Gab:alto.