11 JANUARY 1845, Page 9

General Espartero has recovered from his late indisposition, and has

re- sumed walking exercise.

• The Oriental Club entertained Sir Henry Potting,er at dinner yesterday, at their house in Hanover Square. Lord Auckland was in the chair.

The Leeds Mercury states that Mr. Pritchard is to sail next week for the Station to which he has been appointed by Government in the Samoas or Navigator's Islands ; a group of the Polynesian archipelago, with a popula- tion of 60,000 inhabitants. The population of Tahiti and the Society is 1%000 ; of thelfarquesas, 15,000.

This being the first day of Hilary Term, the Judges opened the several Law Courts.

In the Court of Queen's Bench, the Solicitor-General obtained a rule to show cause why a writ of habeas corpus, granted at chambers by Mr. Baron Rolfe, during the vacation, to bring up the body of Charles Carus Wilson, a prisoner for center* of the Royal Court of Jersey, should not be quashed. Entertaining the writ, he said, would cause the greatest incon- venience in the island. If parties felt themselves aggrieved, they should. properly apply for redress to the Queen in Council.