11 JANUARY 1845, Page 9


STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ArTgamoolt. instant opened for private transfer on Monday last, and business was resumed in them, after an interval of nearly six weeks. The payment of the Dividends to improve, and is to-day at 2121. We have also to notice a bargain in South Sea and we believe that, including the dividend of 14 per cent, the present quotation indicates an improvement of more than 3 per cent upon the last recorded price. in price; the fluctuation in Consols for Account having been only from buyers to sellers at 1004. All the Stocks the dividends upon which became due on the 5th the public commenced on Wednesday; but, from the change in the period at which the Dividendsupon the Three-and-a-quarter per Cent Stock become payable, this quarter which used to be the heaviest, is now become the lightest, and after the first day hardly any bustle was observable about the Dividend Offices. Money has be- come more abundant than it was last week, and has been very cheap. A demand arose this afternoon in the Stock Exchange, but it was entirely confined to the Railway of France, and the pay-ment of the second deposits on those of the Direct Stock ex dividend, at 1161. Transactions in this stock are of rare occurrence; Foreign House; where the settlement of the account in the Shares of the Northern Portsmouth line, have occasioned a comparative scarcity. The premium of Exchequer Bills is unchanged; being from 63 to 65. Bank Stock continues to

The usual notice from the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National

The English Funds have been steady during the week, with but few variations Debt states the net surplus revenue of the United Kingdom for the year ending 10th October last at 3,368,274/. 4s.; of which one-fourth, or 842,0681. us., is applicable to reduction of the Debt during the present quarter. Of this sum, 242,068/. us, will be applied to the purchase of Stock, and the remainder 600,0001., to the reduction of the amount of Deficiency Bills, or the debt incurred by the Government to the Bank of England for advances made in anticipation of the revenue. The charge under this head was, acconling to the Revenue-ac- count of 5th July 1841, 8,678,5191.; but it is now reduced to 2,000,0001., and, should the revenue continue sufficiently productive, will, at the present rate of extinction, be entirely liquidated before the end of the year. The recent arra ment, (upon the conversion of the Three-and-a-half per Cents,) by which the amount of dividends payable in each quarter has been nearly equalized, will ren- der unnecessary any future recurrence to this mode of supply. The business of the Foreign Market has been of a more general character than usual; but, with the exception of those of Spanish Stock, the fluctuations have not been extensive. A large and quiet business has been done; and more stock has changed hands in the last few days than during a corresponding period for some time past. The Dividend-paying Northern Stocks are without any mate- rial change. Portuguese Converted unds are on the whole rather firmer; though some extensive money-sales, both to-day and yesterday, have depressed prices from 4 to 1 per cent below the highest quotations reached. Spanish Stock (Ac- tive) has fallen about 1 per cent; but the Three 1,er Cents, though lower, have not fluctuated in the same degree. No political cause can be assigned for this movement; which is merely a consequence of the rapid recent improvement of the Active Stock without a correspondent movement in the Three per Cents. Mexican Bonds have given way 1 1,er cent, as a consequence of the political relations of Mexico, Texas, and the United States. The appearance of the Gazette Was looked for on Tuesday with great interest, and its publication this evening anxiously expected by the parties concerned in the Railways awaiting the fiat of the Board of Trade. Speculation has not been active in any of the lines now under consideretion; and the demand for Rennie's York, noticed in part of our last impression, has completely subsided. A trifling impulse was given to the Atmospheric Portsmouth; which, however, faded before the pressure of the second payment on the shares to day. Some of the older lines—as the Great Western, Great North of England, and Midland—continue to advance; while the South-western and Birmingham are nearly time same. The transactions in French Shares have been various, but without causing any marked variation in prices. SATURDAY, TWELVE O'CLOCK. The English Funds are unchanged, and the business transacted in them has been unimportant. The only change in the Foreign Bonds 'is in Spanish Stock, where the recent speculation seems in course of reversal; Three per Cent Bonds becoming time fa- vourite, and Active continuing stationarv; thus the former have improved per cent, while the latter are the same. -The New Belgian Scrip is 1 to 14 pre- num, and the French Strip 1% to 4 premium. The Railway transactions have been extensive' as will be seen by the following list of bargains actually occurring. No material change has occurred in prices, the anticipated announcement from the Board of Trade not having appeared in the Gazette. Birmingham and Gloucester, 1041; Bristol and Gloucester, 40%; Great Southern and Western, 9%; Eastern Counties, 16; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 62 ; Great North of England, 148 9; Great Western, 1631- Ditto Half- shares, 971 7; Ditto Fifth-shares, 381; Hull and Selby, 761 6; Lancasier and Carlisle, 154; Brighton, 504; Greenwich, 104; South-western, 764; 'Midland, 119 18; North British, Si; South-eastern and Dover, 42; Ditto, New, 14e; Trent Valley, 95; York and North Midland, 1064 6; Ditto and Selby, Scrip, 684; Ditto, Extension, 111; London and York, 41 4; Paris and Orleans, 434; Paris and Rouen, 404 %; Great Northern of France, 551 4. We have to notice the following transactions in Railway Shares, in addition to those given in the morning. Birmingham and Gloucester, 1034; Bristol and Gloucester, 424; Chester and Holyhead, 54; Eastern Counties, 154; Hull and Selby, 70; Lancaster and Carlisle, 151; Birmingham, 228; Blackwall, 74*; South-western, 76; Croydon, 154 161; Manchester and Leeds, Half-shares, 524; Manchester and Birmingham, 53; Newcastle and Darlington Junction, 641 634; North British, 849; Northern and Eastern, 59; Norwich and Brandon, 134; South-eastern and Dover, 414; Paris and Orleans, 434; Orleans and Bourdeaux, 74; Lyons anti Avignon, 244; Churnet Valley, 41 34; Ely and Bedford, 4; Direct Northern, 21; Cambridge and Lincoln, 243; Shrewsbury and Dudley, 24; West Cornwall, 34; South Wales, 34; Rugby, 14 4; New Southampton, 546; Dublin and Cashel, Additional, 64 4; Ditto, Extension, 44.

3 per Cent Consols • - - • .. • Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock Exchequer Bills prem.

India Stock

Brazilian 5 per cents

Belgian 41 per Cents Chilton G per Cents 1001 4 1001 4 1004 I 1041 1 121 211 12 63 4 288 9 8960 1011 21 100 2 Columbian ex Venezuela...

Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 5 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents Mexican 5 per Cents Ditto Deferred Portuguese News p. Cts. 1841

Russian 5 per Cents Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents

Ditto 3 per Cents 1842

141 144 99 90 634 1 99 1 98 i 3445 151 1 60 61 1191 201 261 1 371 RANK OF ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 4th day of January 1845.


Notes issued £28,087,055 Government Debt £11,015,100 Other Securities 2,984,900 Gold Coin and Bullion 12,493,444 Silver Bullion 1,593,611 £28,087,055 BANKING DEPARTMENT.

Proprietors' Capital.. £14,553,000 Best 3,127,278 Public Deposits, (including Exchequer, Savings Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, and Dividend Ac- Counts) 7,366,643 Other Deposits 8,037,320 Seven Day and other Bills .. • 1,015,166 £34,099,407 £34,099,407 Dated the 9th day of January 1845. M. Afeasuaxx, Chief Cashier. £28,087,055 Government Securities, (in- cluding Dead Weight An- nuity) £13,539,720 Other Securities 11,426,996 Notes 8,418,125 Gold and Silver Coin 714,566