11 JANUARY 1868, Page 14



SIR, —I addressed last week a letter to the Pall Mall Gazette com- menting upon a subscription proposed by MM. Consul at Arch- angel for the starving population of Southern Russia. I see that in noticing my letter you state that I have repeatedly asserted in it that Archangel is in Southern Russia.

If you will have the goodness to refer to it, you will see that I have not done so. All I have stated is, that Mr. Renny is H.M. Consul at Archangel, and that he wishes to raise a subscription for the population of Southern Russia—a statement, I submit, in no way discreditable to my geographical knowledge, as you appear to think it is.

I am sure that your sense of fair play in journalism will induce you to insert this letter. —I am, Sir, &c., CURATOR.

[Mr. Renny, the Consul at Archangel, said nothing at all about a famine in Southern Russia. He spoke of a famine with which "the Archangel Government" was threatened, and said that bread could not be procured nearer than Viatka, which is itself, though far south of Archangel, by no means in Southern Russia, and lie proposed to distribute the flour he intended to obtain at Viatka "here," i.e., at Archangel. Clearly, then, the Times, which headed the letter "Famine in Southern Russia," believed Arch- angel to be in Southern Russia, and " Curator " adopted its blunder.—ED. Spectator.]