11 JANUARY 1873, Page 1

Count Schouvaloff, Head of the Russian High Police, and an

intimate of the Emperor, has been despatched to England to hold a personal conference with Lord Granville. It has been at once perceived that this embassy must have an important meaning, but what that meaning may be is not yet ascertained. The popular version is that the Count has been sent with conciliatory assurances about Central Asia, the Czar having been disturbed by Lord Granville's firm intimation that Russian conquests must not be pushed too far, but there may be more than this behind. A silent fight has been going on at Constantinople for some time ; the Indian Govern- ment has been collecting very recently a very curious mass of topographical information, including regions usually out of its range ; and we hear a rumour, elsewhere discussed, that it is Teheran, not Khiva, which should take the alarm. Parliament may yet have something to talk about beside land laws.