11 JANUARY 1873, Page 1

The split between the United States and Spain, to which

we recently called attention, is widening fast. It appears that so long ago as 29th October, Mr. Fish informed General Sickles, the Spanish Minister at Madrid, that it had become difficult for the United States to remain neutral in Cuban affairs, that the constant failures to abolish slavery showed that Spain could not control the island, and that if the Spanish promises remained unfulfilled the " patience of America would soon be exhausted." It was this threat which produced the Bill emancipating slaves in Porto Rico, —a Bill which has maddened the Conservative party, till Serrano, Topete, and Sagasta are now enemies of the dynasty. We presume Mr. Fish's despatch has been published in Wash- ington, whence this telegram comes (6th January), and if so, Zorrilla will have a bad quarter of an hour. He will have to prove to excited enemies that in abolishing slavery in Porto Rico he was not acting under pressure.