11 JANUARY 1873, Page 2

It is affirmed in a telegram from Calcutta that Sir

W. Muir, Lieutenant-Governor of the North-Western Provinces, is to be the new financial member of the Indian Council, in succession to Sir R. Temple. This means, we imagine, that Lord North- brook means to be his own Chancellor of the Exchequer, leaving Sir W. Muir to control all details,—a very good arrangement. Sir William is known in India as a good administrator, a pro- found scholar, and a man popular with natives, whose ways and modes of thought he thoroughly comprehends. He does not know much of scientific finance, but he can learn that from the Viceroy, whose orders he has been accustombd to take, while he will be an admirable housewife for the Empire, bringing all expenditures, and " budgets," and systems of account under thorough control. With his appointment we may be sure the Income-Tax ends.