11 JANUARY 1873, Page 3

A Cincinnati paper has published an advertisement in which a"healthy

young man," unable to procure other means of liveli- hood, offers himself as a fit subject for "almost any" experi- ments in surgery and medicine, " for reasonable compensation." We must say we think that advocates like Professor Huxley of the absolute right of vivisecting animals on the mere chance of making a scientific discovery, ought to have justified themselves by coming forward before now, as this young man is doing or appearing to do, —though without demanding reasonable compensation other than the joy of self- sacrifice itself,—to be experimented on by the lance or the poison. If it is right to put animals to any amount of torture for the chance of a discovery, it cannot but be right for men willingly to endure a little themselves for the same end. Perhaps, however, the Cincinnati youth is only pointing a moral to such moral teachers as Professor Huxley.