11 JANUARY 1908, Page 18

[To THE EDITOR OF TIER "spear/am.] SIR,—I have read with

• much interest the letters which have recently appeared in the 'Spectator on the above subject. The apportionment of the expenditure given in the letter which appeared a fortnight ,ago does not agree with my experience. The writer-must have got,:his house at a remarkably low rate if his rent, rates, taxes, and repairs can be covered by one- tenth of the total expenditure. I live in a quiet way in a provincial town in a fair-sized house with garden and con- servatory. I do not keep horses or a carriage and have only a small family, and have not any school-bills to pay. My average expenditure for the last five years has been as follows :—

Per- R. Per

centage. centage. Housekeeping, wages Charity 52 ... 7 of indoor servants, Amusement, books,

coal, wine, &o. 182 ... 26 papers, and cab hire 25 ... 3f

House - rent, water- Clothes and presents '70 ... 10 rate, taxes, and Journeys ... ... 70 ... 10 repairs ... ... 192 ... 24

Garden, wages, &c.... 120 ... 17 .2728 ... 100 Doctor's bills ... 17 ... 21