11 JANUARY 1908, Page 28

The Immortal Light. By John Maslin. (Cassell and Co. 0.)

—That this tale of exploration in the Antarctic Circle is not very credible will be understood when it is stated that the first thing which the reader is asked to believe is the invention of a steel called " Tynstele," which, even when exposed to frost, maintains an even temperature of 60° Fahr. One of the chief features of the story is the adventures of the narrators in an underground city which they discover to be inhabited by a wonderful race. This part of the book to those who have read

Bulwer Lytton's "Coming Race" does not seem to be strikingly original. The life-force of these people is uncommonly like the " Vril" of that famous story. Still, the details are worked out in a fairly interesting manner, and the novel deserves notice, as it points to the way in which further developments in scientific attainment may serve as the foundation for a higher spiritual evolution in human beings.