11 JANUARY 1908, Page 30

The Catholic 'Directory. (Burns and Oates. 2s. net.)—This is •

the seventy-first publication of the "Directory, Ecclesiastical Register, and Almanac." The Catholic Peers number forty-two, the Baronets fifty-two; there are forty-nine Archbishops and Bishops in the United Kingdom, and four thousand and seventy- five priests, while the population is estimated at five million five hundred thousand. — The Scottish Church and University Almanac (Macniven and Wallace, is. net) gives statistics of al/ the religious bodies in Scotland. There is, we see, a "Free Presbyterian Church," which has twenty charges, of which nine are vacant ; the Free Church ("wee and free") has a hundred and eighty-nine, of which a hundred and twenty-six are vacant,— one presbytery (Lorne) has eighteen charges and but one filled.