11 JANUARY 1908, Page 30

The Post Office London Directory. (Kelly's Directories. 40s.) — This "elegant

manual," as it might be called, grows and grows in quantity, while in quality it is as excellent as ever. The pages number more than four thousand six hundred—the volume includes the urban and suburban region—and the entries, to make a very rough calculation, something like a million. It is impossible to calculate what labour such an ennmeration and description means. What we see is, of course, the result of a highly organised and long-continued system. Imagine any company et men set to do the work de novo 1 The information, to judge from some of the details, seems to be diligently kept up to the latest date. We would call attention again, as we have more than once before, to the admirable map of London which is given with the Directory. It is as good as a picture.—The Clergy Directory. (j. S. Phillips. 4s. 6d.)—This volume, well arranged and clearly printed, is for its size and price as good a thing in its line as could be found.